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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build a website?


Each website is different for each business, so there’s not really an average time frame that we can provide for a website. Usually, a basic website can take around 1 – 2 weeks. More advanced website being up to 4 – 5 weeks.


We’ll be able to give you an estimated time frame once we finish the initial consultancy, but this cannot be guaranteed.



What’s the response time to my emails?


It’s company policy to respond to all emails within 24 hours regardless of public or bank holidays. If we’re unable to achieve this, you will be notified, but this is extremely rare.



What is the cost of a website?


All of our prices are available on our website. If you think that our packages don’t fit what you want, let us know and we can build a service around you and your company.



Do I need to purchase my own website domain name?


No, we can do this for you. However, you will need to tell us what domain name you’d like for your business (we can assist you with this). Once you’ve chosen the domain name, leave the rest to us.



What if I’ve already got a domain name for my company?


That’s not a problem. We can simply transfer your domain name over to our hosting services.



Can you help me promote and advertise my website?


Absolutely. Our Search Engine Optimisation services can support this. If you’d like our help promoting your website, simply get in touch with us and we can discuss what you needs are, a strategy and set some targets.



What kind of businesses do you work with?


We work and collaborate with a massive variety of business offering different services and products. From small swimming clubs, schools, retailers to large business and charities.



Who will I work with during the project?


You’ll just have one sole contact within our company who will create, manage your whole project and answer any questions you’ve got. We do this to help save time and to allow for great relationships to be made with our clients.



Can you update my existing website that another web designer has built?


Unfortunately, no. We only support websites that have been built by North Summit Website and Marketing. This is because we can’t be fully sure on how your existing website has been built and there are different liabilities involved.


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